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the HISTORY of

4 Cryin' Out Loud:

It all started back at the beginning of this school year. In the past, our school had been blessed by having a quartet called "Chorder of Four" sing for us, but they all graduated this past school year. Before their graduation we (Dan, Dave, Matt, and Spencer) had always "planned" on getting a quartet together, but had never done anything more than "plan". At the beginning of this year, we realized that we had to do something because "Chorder of Four" was gone. So, we got together and started to practice quite a bit. At first, we thought that singing barbershop was going to be impossible because of all of the formidable chords and the fact that there is only one person singing each part. But, we slowly grew more and more accustomed to this style, and it has turned out to be a lot of fun. After we had become comfortable with the music, we got the opportunity to make our first appearance at the annual Sugar Valley Singers (Our local SPEBSQSA chapter) concert. After that, we started to perform more regularly. The updated list of our performances can be found here. That's where our brief history ends, but its still growing...



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